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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a 16 hour swim now in the record books as a san francisco woman becomes the first to swim from the fair long islands to the golden gate bridge a much anticipated act is canceled. >> i'm walking to do a festival and i end up in handcuffs. >> a bay area musician says he was detained by police after the intern got the whole team in trouble. ktvu at six starts now. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. a san francisco woman made history a short time ago
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becoming the first woman to swim from the fa ralio nislands to the golden gate and completed it in 16 hours touching the golden gate bridge a few moments ago. ann reuben has more on the treacherous conditions in the final hours of her swim. >> it seemed like the final stretch, stretched on forever but a cold kim chambers never gave up and 4:30 this afternoon, history was made and chambers was the first win to successfully swim from the islands to the golden gate bridge. a 30-mile journey that begin at 11:00 a.m. friday in icy waters and the waters there are known for a feasting place was for sharks. but kim became sick and unable
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to keep nutrition down but when the bridge was in sight she couldn't give up. the fire department providing some fanfare and an emotional chambers made it to her goal. >> i couldn't have done this without my crew. i couldn't have done it alone. i had this crew and everybody just stuck with me the whole time and oh, my gosh. >> the new zea land native is no stranger to a challenge. she took up swimming in 2007 after a serious accident caused her to lose a leg. only one of six people to complete the 7, marathon swims around the world and one other woman has attempted the swim that she completed today and that was back in the 1950s and she was unsuccessful. this is a amazing. and the real amazing part is that we know that water is cold and it doesn't look like she
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was wearing a wet suit. >> no wet suit and the other interesting thing is that how they send her foot which is in a water bottle attached to the rope that they throw over because she can touch the boat or the swim was considered to be over. >> you got to eat, 16 hours, that's a long time to be out there without eating. thank you, ann. it was a great day for that swim. you are familiar with the waters, that is amazing. >> i was out fishing tuesday and i remember looking at the waters there and being five miles offshore is a big deal but to put that into perspective, a huge achievement. as far as the water temperatures, they have been warmer than average here is a look at the buoy reports in the lower 60s. so the water temperatures a little bit warmer than average and not having the wet suit,
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that helps with the swimming motion because they can be restrictive and that was probably one aid and such impressive achievement. right now we do still have patchy fog near the coastline and you can see closer to half- moon bay among pillar point and a few patches around san francisco. here is the live camera looking towards san francisco and patchy fog in the distance and stubborn overcasts and temperatures from this afternoon ranging from the 60s and to the low to mid-80s well inland but tomorrow will be a different story, in fact we will bump up the numbers and take a closer look at your forecast and a look at the cooling trend. we will see you then. you can track the weather conditions with the ktvu weather app available for your smart phone or tablet. >> outside lands performer fantastic nagrito had his show canceled not long before he was
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supposed to take the stage. the blues and roots artist tweeted he was held by san francisco police for three hours after an intern tried to sell an admission risk band on craig's list. the oak land base writer said it was sad and disappointing. in later tweets the songwriter apologized for the cancellation and said the intern was a nice kid and made a bad decision but he was shocked by the arrest. >> we get out of the car and about ten san francisco police officers surround us and it was like a drug bust and they handcuff and detain us for three hours. xavier de paul us has bounced back from adversity. he was in a car crash in 1999
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and he said his baby son inspired him to return to his music. he hopes to be able to reschedule the performance for sometime tomorrow. >> tonight's lineup at outside land features grammy winners the black keys and kendrick lamar and ben harper reuniting with the innocent criminals. elton john performs tomorrow night. a link to streaming video of the performers in the bay area section under the entertainment tab. >> new developments on the rocky fire in lake county is almost all evacuees were allowed to return to their property. this is all that awaited some of them that returned to their homes on morgan valley road. all of the evacuees on reef road have been allowed back in. 43 homes were destroyed in ten days by that massive wildfire that burned 69,000 acres.
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tonight the fire is 63% contained and cal fire says it expects the fires to be contained by next thursday and no word on what caused that fire. take a look at this message of thanks for the firefighters that have been fighting the rocky fire. volunteers posted this 94 foot long banner in front of the moose lodge. part of a community celebration and a barbecue. this is what the mad river complex fire in trinity fire looks like from space. the 17,000 acre fire is a series of 7 lightning fires that started to burn in the 6th national forest. the fire is about 30% contained and burning mostly around roof lake. however, firefighters say they are keeping a close eye on the weather as it is expected to get windy in that area in the next few days. in other news, san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened around 10:30 last night at tally road and capital expressway. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. police have no suspects and
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they have not released the victim's identity. san jose police are working overtime shifts because of the resent increase in violence. last night's shooting was the 18th homicide with ten killings in the past six weeks. department is deploying additional officers to downtown and east san jose. san francisco magazine tweeted an unusual photo after this week's arrest of former san francisco 49ers alden smith. the magazine showed two potential covers for september showing smith. it had planned a long profile of the troubled football star and one potential cover says smith was coming clean and the other said he was misunderstood. the 49ers released the news yesterday and police arrested him thursday night on dui and hit and run and vandalism charges after a parking lot accident in santa clara. smith denies the charges. his arraignment is set for early october.
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a popular tell la van jaist and author is holding a night of hope. joel osteen and his wife. this is the 7th night he has held it at stadiums, the decision to come to san francisco was deliberate. he liked to go outside the bible belt and speak to all people. joel osteen's sermons are televised in more than one hundred countries with an audience of 7 million people a week. >> from a hall of flowers to races. the week of the sonoma fair is under way. it has been going strong for 79 years and the chefs and the cooking demonstrations and the people that run the amusement rides have deep roots. >> i'm 3rd generation.
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my grandparents and parents are originally from sonoma county. i'm from riverside. this is old hometown. >> two of the rides come from michael jackson never land's ranch. the hall of flowers is the largest flower show in the country at 27,000 square feet. at the end of the week the flowers will be on sale. the show will go on for burning man. the festival received the necessary permit. the u.s. bureau asked for one million dollars for upgraded fa facilities for the blm staff but then the requests were called lavish. it starts on august 30th. remember yahoo's big billboard near san francisco. it is back after a four year
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hiatus, yahoo had regained its spot next to interstate 80. it reads it's good to be back. yahoo he a previous retro looking installation was in place from 1999 to 2011. >> a pathway on the new eastern span of the bay bridge will be closed tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. cal tran says the pathway will remain closed until 6:00 a.m. on tuesday. engineers says it is required for ongoing construction work under way near the oakland toll plaza. >> hundreds of hospital patients on the move today. the coordinated effort to move an entire northern california hospital to a brand new location. >> and hail pounds this jetliner. the damage passengers saw after an emergency landing. and in weather, stubborn plans. coming up, how much warming and the other temperature trend we are checking out in the five
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day outlook. pounding baseball sized hail forced a delta airline flight to make an emergency landing in delta. you can see the cracked windshield and a dented nose cone on its way from boston to salt lake city. many passengers held hands and cried until the aircraft landed. >> i cried constantly and this was the scariest ten minutes of my life. one person was taken to the hospital at their request. the faa is investigating. a powerful typhoon brought winds to southeast china. forcing 160,000 people from
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their homes. earlier the typhoon hit taiwan unleashing massive mud floods. at least five are said to have died including a mother and her year-old daughter pulled out to sea. those trapped in the mud are pulled to safety. the taliban claimed responsibility today for a deadly suicide car bombing in afghanistan a day after a series of terrorist blasts killed dozens in and near kabal. >> 20 children among the dead as well as american soldier. the newest wave of violence is dimming hopes that the taliban may be weakened by a leadership struggle after their leader's death. conservatives meeting for the red state gathering focused on the man that was not there. donald trump. trump was uninvited by organizers after he insulted anchor meggen kelly. trump said about kelly, you could see blood coming out of
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her eyes and blood coming out of her wherever apparently angry over her pressing questions about trump's attitude towards women. at the gathering in georgia the focus was on attacking democrats. >> we got a president earlier this year who proclaims, proclaimed that the greatest threat was the climate change. mr. president, i respectfully disagree. the greatest threat the future generations have is radical islamic terrorism and we need to do something about it. >> it is fun and kidding. >> red state organizers said this is the beginning of the end of the trump's campaign. the first family has begun its annual summer vacation in martha's vineyard. president obama hit the links today. the white house says he played golf with larry davis and robert wolf and a cousin of
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valerie jarrett. the family has no scheduled appearances but previous trips have been beach times and bike rides and private dinners. the president returns to washington on august 23rd. a major move from east sacramento to mid up to. the two mile move for sutter mem took years to plan. patients arrived there today. >> reporter: imagine moving day with a 250 room home. for staff at sacramento suter memorial hospital, it took three years of planning and 14 ambulances and a very carefully choreographed commute. there is thousands of people involved in this today. >> starting after midnight, patients were transported two, ambulances at a time every six to ten minutes with a nurse along for the ride.
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it is not something that danielle comporto expected. >> we had no idea. we are not from the sacramento area but they informed us on friday. >> baby isabelle born 13 weeks early was the first patient transported to the neonatal intensive unit at the new women and children center, a move that the new parents said was easier than they expected. >> they were good at informing us of the process so we knew what was going to happen and how it was going to happen but it was still scary to go from a safety zone and comfort zone to a whole new environment. >> sutter memorial has been known as the region's baby hospital and today you could say that the baby that they have been anxiously expecting for years was safely delivered. >> once the old hospital was officially closed the building will be demolished and a residential community will be built in its place. let's check with mark in the
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weather center. we are almost halfway through the weekend. it looks hazy and overcast. >> the clouds breaking up but today was stubborn overcast and temperatures have been calling off quite a bit. today the cooler day of the weekend and tomorrow will warm up by just a few degrees as we head to your sunday forecast. right now you can see on live storm tracker two, showers developing towards the sierra and the showers kind of moving to the east of lake tahoe and we have this, in fact we have more of a northerly flow. you can see what is happen to go to low cloud and fogs being pushed to the south. that is happening here and stubborn patches over san francisco and haze and especially the organized fog bank closer to a pillar point and half moon bay. let's look at the numbers, 71 in san jose and napa checking in at 70 and santa rosa in the
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upper 70s. looking towards san francisco and still patchy low clouds and fogs and a little bit of chop on the bay waters. the winds up to 10 to 20 miles per hour. forecast for tonight, partly cloudy and breezy. tomorrow a little bit warmer and the other direction in the next few days for monday, tuesday and wednesday. a dropoff in the numbers. forecast lows start off the sunday morning. not cold, you can see the 60s out there and the coolest spots in the mid-50s and parts in the north bay and san francisco will go 59 degrees and in san francisco for tomorrow, day three, the last day of outside lands, patchy clouds at 12:63 degrees and by 4:00, 66 with partly sunny skies and in the 60s for the evening hours. so for tomorrow for your sunday we will have fog in the morning and clearing back to near the shoreline and we are tracking a weather system up here, this area of low pressure and moving down the coast and it will sit here until midweek and this
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will be the source of cooling for monday and tuesday and we will gradually warm up in the week. here is the forecast model showing you this and some of the patchy fog tomorrow morning. making a return near the coast around the bay. right around san rafael and fremont approaching the south bay. the clouds clearing back to near the shoreline and still leftover patches near parts of the coast. your forecast highs for sunday. santa rosa 88, the warmest locations making a run to the 90s and we will go to the upper 80s for antioch and brentwood and san jose a forecast high of 81. a look ahead your five-day forecast will continue to cool things off. tuesday, in the lower 80s and we will gradually warm up in the week. i'm sure this is a forecast that fire crews like across the entire state because we are not talking about lightning and the major heat is out of the
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picture for now and hopefully that will give them some aid. >> i know they are hoping to wrap up the fire up east. >> and we are not talking about triple digits heat. >> just in time for school. hundreds of youngsters got brand new backpacks. the salvation army had a festival for families. organizers say it is important for students to start off right with the right tools and the first day of school in san francisco is on august 17th coming up. big night for football. the newest members of profootball's hall of fame. we'll be right back with that.
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this was supposed to be a big week for the 49ers, they had planned big public workout but it was canceled because of the ongoing problems with the turf. there was a video of divots being pushed down. 29,000 fans won a drawing to attend practice but that will not happen now. problems continue. scott is here and giants can't wait to get out of
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chicago. not looking good. >> kind of uneven run for them this month of august. this is not a divisional series for the giants but just as important. the cubs a game-and-a-half up for san francisco for the second wild card slot heading into play today. at the friendly confines, down right giddy playing great baseball. brandon belts over the ivy. and belt will take it, the 5th home run in 8 games and 2-1 giants. chris bryant. a two run strike and matt cane, the cubs clench the first series with an 8-6 victory. >> a's, the new guy, homered
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danny valencia and this time a garden variety two-run double and cocoa crisp, that's a lot of speed. they score and 2-0 a's and clinging to a 2-1 lead and potential tying run ninety feet away and ed moheka guess gets jose al al tuva and the a's get the win. an awesome 8 of enshrined in canton, ohio. a couple of headliners. raider star tim brown and former 49er great charles haley that remains the only major in nfl history to be a part of five superbowl wins. great football player and golf, not his forte as he recounted a pebble beach experience. >> i am driving a golf cart around and i drive the golf cart on the green. and they go you can't drive up
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on the green. and i said all of this (bleep is green). >> big talent and personality and we will hear from tim brown coming up on sports wrap at 10:00. he has a good point. it is all green. >> it makes sense. >> we will hear from tim later. thank you scott, coming up at 10:00, a summer camp and allegations that lead to 4 arrests. thanks for watching ktvu your news and we are always online. have a good evening and we will see you tonight at ten.
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t. ooh, we should probably go light on the food. something tells me we're not gonna want to do this on a full stomach. i can't believe there's such a thing as autopsy camp. [ laughs ] there is no such thing as autopsy camp. i had to trick luke 'cause i'm actually taking him to a ballroom-dance class. he's been resisting, but it's in his blood. i come from a long line of dancing dunphys -- a kick line, actually. [ chuckles ] come on, we don't want to be late like the guy we're gonna see on the table. am i right? of corpse you are. [ chuckles ] hey, mom can you take me driving? my test is coming up and i really need to practice. oh, honey, i would but i've got a big closets and blinds union meeting today. there is no closets and blinds union. driving with alex is torture. she drives so slowly. i have to be the only parent who slams on the imaginary gas. hey, i'm not doing anything. i guess i could take her. great! i'll go check the tire pressure and t


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